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Guitar Diagram Archive & Wiring Resources

The Guitar Electronics Wiring Resources page has hundreds of free guitar wiring diagrams in our online archive that can all be viewed, downloaded and printed for free! Plus tons of guitar wiring mods, guitar wiring FAQs and more. Plus links to original factory guitar and pickup wiring diagrams.

Guitar Wiring Diagram Archive Categories

PMT Sonic Expansion Controls

Guitar & Bass Wiring Resources

Custom Guitar Wiring Diagram Service

Although we have hundreds of guitar diagrams online for free, there are still thousands of other guitar wiring possibilities. So if the diagram you are looking for is not listed, our guitar wiring designers offer custom drawn guitar and bass wiring diagrams that are designed and drawn to your exact specifications for your pickups and guitar options. No matter what plans you have for your custom guitar or bass, we can provide the wiring diagram to hook it all up. We can also assist with choosing he right options based on your instrument and playing style. Just visit the custom diagram page and enter the specific details of your instrument and a designer will be assigned to your custom guitar wiring project.

Original Factory Guitar & Bass Pickup Wiring Diagrams