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Our History:

In 1996, Guitar Electronics began publishing online guitar wiring diagrams and providing the highest quality parts available for upgrading and customizing guitars and basses. Thanks to the millions of web visitors and thousands of online customers we service on our site each year, our company has become internationally recognized around the word as the leader in guitar electronics and wiring resources. In addition to the hundreds of free guitar wiring diagrams we provide, Guitar Electronics is also the only company to offer custom guitar wiring diagrams designed to our customers specifications. Our unique approach to the science of guitar electronics is the reason top companies like Fender, Gibson, Seymour Duncan and many others refer customers to us for their guitar wiring and electronics parts needs.

Our Mission:

At Guitar Electronics, our approach to assisting musicians in achieving guitar tone perfection is unlike any other company in the world. Our name says it all; guitar electronics is all we do. In addition to offering the highest quality guitar electronics components, we also are uniquely qualified to provide design and repair services that no other company can offer. Our on-staff engineers have developed, patented, and manufactured some of the worlds unique guitar systems. We are also the first and only company to offer custom designed guitar wiring diagrams for professional technicians and do-it your-self enthusiasts. With over 18 years of experience serving all level of players from beginners to top touring musicians, we have set an internationally recognized standard of unmatched excellence in the guitar industry. At Guitar Electronics, Better Tone through Science is more than just a tag line. It is what we strive to achieve for our customers every day.
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